COVID-19 New Zealand Moves to Alert Level 3

Moving to Alert Level 3

On 20th April the government has announced that New Zealand will move out of Alert Level 4, as at 11.59pm on Monday 27th April. We will move into Alert Level 3 on Tuesday 28th April.

What this means for you

Movement and travel: Stay home. If you can access your course online, continue to do so. If you can’t access your course online, some facilities at your tertiary organisation might be open. Contact your provider for details.

Student accommodation: Stay in your “bubble”. Hostel, half of residence or other accommodation provided by your tertiary organisation will remain open to those who have stayed during lockdown level 4. Ministry of Health guidelines on hygiene and social distancing will remain as usual.

Guidance on operating at Alert level 3 for students and institutions

  1. All decisions about staff and students should be made in line with public health requirements.

  2. Under level 3, all tertiary education services should be delivered remotely, wherever possible.

  3. Some facilities at your tertiary organisation might be open(e.g. for research, lab/workshops, postgraduate teaching or noho-based delivery), following the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, in particular with regards to physical distancing and hygiene. Track and tracing requirements must be right in place too.

  4. Students who left student accommodation before lockdown started, to join a “bubble” with friends, family or whanau, should remain where they were and should not return to student accommodation under Alert Level 3.

Guidance on Site Access to tertiary education facilities now, and under Alert Level 3

  1. From 6.00pm on on Tuesday 21st April, in addition to the set of Essential Services with automatic Site Access approval set out on the Education.govt website, automatic Site Access is being extended to “necessary work”.

  2. “Necessary work” will include works required to prepare the premises for opening(and meet public health requirements) after 11.59pm on Monday 27 April 2020, as well as “minimum basic operations required to maintain the condition or value of, or clean, the premises, equipment, plant or goods, care for animals. Acquire additional stock and enable workers to be able to work remotely from their homes”.

  3. Individual permission to access tertiary education facilities to undertake this “necessary work” is not required as per information.

  4. Until we move to Alert level 3 at 11.59pm on Monday 27th April, all other visits to a tertiary site for activities not covered by the above “necessary work” category still require specific Site Access approval.

  5. Once we move to Level 3, Site Access permission for tertiary education facilities will not be much required for the limited set of activities that are allowable under Alert Level 3. Site Access permission to tertiary education facilities will still be needed for any other activity that is outside of this set of allowable activities.

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