Auckland Going Into Alert Level 3 at Noon on Wednesday, August 12

Auckland Going Into Alert Level 3 at Noon on Wednesday, August 12

New Zealand that was known to be the first country to win the battle from Coronavirus has once again affected by COVID 19. New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Arden, has made her latest announcement that Auckland is going into Alert Level 3 from midday Wednesday for 3 days, everyone is advised to stay home to avoid the spread. “Act as if you have COVID and the people around you have COVID.”

There have been four positive cases of Covid-19 outside of manages isolation, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden stated in her speech. She continued by stating that everyone must take a precautionary measure to stay safe as no origin had been found to isolation facilities or people who work at the border. On this, Director – General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield stated in his statement that the four confirmed cases were within one family with no international travel history. One person is in their 50s. They live in South Auckland. They have returned two positive results. Six family members who reside in the same household have been tested. Three returned positive results, three negative. All are kept in isolation.

Jacinda Arden says, ‘going hard and going early’, “In line with our precautionary approach we will be asking Aucklanders to take swift action with us.” She continues, “These three days will give us time to assess the situation, gather information, make sure we have wide-spread contact tracing.”

Level 3 of Coronavirus has just started where people are expected to work from home unless they are essential workers, and remain in their bubbles. Also, bars and restaurants will have to close, and restrictions come in place for funerals and weddings.

New Zealand is now enabling a recovery plan. Bloomfield stated in his speech that there would be testing of people working at the borders and in facilities to determine the origin of this case. Testing centers in Auckland will operate with more staff and longer hours in coming days,

DHBs are also planning “pop up clinics”, Bloomfield said. He also said that the COVID tracer app would be vital in contact tracing, and advised people to download and use it.

“The case is a wake-up call for any complacency that may have set in … we have done this before and we can and will do it again.”

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