#Unitec partners with #Datacom to offer New Zealand’s first cybersecurity diploma

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasing threat around the world. With the rise of cyber dangers, a rise of trained experts is needed. There is a shortage and a demand for individuals trained in cybersecurity.

Research from (ISC)² , the world’s largest non-profit organisation of cyber security professionals, estimates a worldwide skill gap of three million, one third of this gap is within the Asia Pacific area. A study undertaken by Hays, found that 61% of companies within Australia and New Zealand, looking for cybersecurity professionals found it “difficult” or “very difficult” to find the correct people for the job.

However, Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology has launched a New Zealand Diploma in Cybersecurity, making it the country’s first institution that has created a cyber qualification.

“In an industry stymied by an increasing skills shortage, we’re helping develop our own home-grown talent and ensuring we deliver what industry needs,” said Dila Beisembayeva, Academic Programme Manager at Unitec’s School of Computing and Information Technology, who has been working on developing the qualification for the past few years.

“We’re bridging the gap between education and industry, while at the same time providing employment opportunities for students and equipping them with the skills for the job.”

Datacom, New Zealand’s largest tech company, has been working closely with Unitec to develop the course. Datacom has also signed up to host 10 students at its Security Operations Centre in Auckland.

“We have asked ourselves how best to support students who’ve come through the course, and have created a strongly mentored training environment to ensure that the students are coming to Datacom not just to learn, but to learn through working. This is the living embodiment of the Future of Work – we train them as they study.” Says David Eaton, Associate Director of Cybersecurity Services at Datacom

Here you can find an overview of the programme offered by Unitec: “New Zealand needs to be able to rely on a strong cybersecurity workforce that’s capable of preventing, adapting to, and responding to cybersecurity threats. This programme is designed to equip you with the core cybersecurity and technical skills and knowledge you need to protect and manage information and systems security. Learn how to spot potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses of existing and emerging technologies.”

The programme starts at Unitec in February, 2020 and is a 120-credit, Level 6 programme. It can be completed in one year (full-time) or over 18 months to four years (part-time). Further information is available here.

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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