Top 10 Ultimate Reasons to Study in New Zealand Students Guide 2021

Introduction to Study in New Zealand

Students Herald has compiled a list of ultimate reasons to Study in New Zealand for our inquisitive readers. When you aspire to study abroad, your foremost difficulty is to choose the destination of your higher education. We all want the best for our future, hence moving between best universities, colleges and study destinations can be hard over time.

In the last few years, New Zealand has become the top choice for students from all over the world. It offers diversity in cultures and versatility in career opportunities. This makes opportunities broaden for study and work in New Zealand. Nonetheless, the country offers the lowest cost of living for international students, unlike other student destinations.

But then, if you want to get the best study experience in top-ranking universities and affordable education, you should consider these reasons to study in New Zealand. Here are the top 10 reasons for you to study in New Zealand:

1. World Ranking Universities:

The universities in New Zealand are competing at the high end with the other world universities and ranked in the top 3% of the world. If you can get a chance to take admission in any one it, you need not to worry about further career opportunities.

  1. University of Auckland

  2. University of Otago

  3. Victoria University of Wellington

  4. University of Canterbury

  5. University of Waikato

  6. Massey University

  7. Lincoln University

  8. Auckland University of Technology

2. Affordable Tuition Fees & Cost of Living

There is a reason why it is best to study in New Zealand and one of the reasons is the affordable tuition fees and cost of living. New Zealand has colleges- Private and Government and top class Universities. Undergraduate fees in colleges vary from 18,000 NZD to 25,000 NZD yearly.

  1. Postgraduate fees in college vary from 20,000 NZD to 24,000 NZD yearly.

  2. Undergraduate fees in Universities vary from 30,000 NZD to 45,000 NZD yearly.

  3. Postgraduate fees in Universities vary from

  4. The annual cost of living is $15000 though it depends vastly on an individual’s lifestyle.

3. Quality of Education

The institution in New Zealand emphasized a lot on applied learning. The classes have heaps of practical assignments throughout the year. Students need to apply their class learning on projects solely or in a team. As a result, by the time students graduate they gain skills that are in demand at the workplace.

New Zealand follows a level-wise system and there is always a certain study level to enter for every individual depending on their academic background and work experience.

Another reason for quality education is the diversified culture among professors and students. You will get a chance to study with a wide variety of nationalities. It is a truly international study destination with a true experience of quality, distinction, and reputation.

4. Quality of Life

It is important to consider the quality of life before you plan to study. To that notion, New Zealand has the highest quality of life in terms of happiness, safety concerns, crime record, work-life balance, living, activities on weekends.

It is an amazing place to live as a student and to live in a family. The entire country, be it any corner, offers harmony and vivid culture. Natives of New Zealand are colorful, cheerful and keen to explore different cultures. You can earn the highest standard of life even if you start from a basic job.

5. Entry level Requirements

Entry-level requirements vary from program to program and each institution has its own set of requirements for the exclusive program. Few Institution considers work experience as an advantage for admission.

The age limit for international students to study in New Zealand is 55 years old, which is quite high compared to any other country. It teaches us that kiwis believe that there is no age limit of learning and educating ourselves.

6. Safety and Stability

New Zealand is a sheltered and stable nation with a decent way of life. As indicated by the Global Peace Index 2017, New Zealand is the second most secure tranquil and safe nation out of 163 nations on the planet.

New Zealand has political steadiness and a low crime rate. The individuals in New Zealand acknowledge and regard different societies and welcome global understudies heartily in the nation independent of religion, station, and sex.

7. Beauty and Landscapes

New Zealand is a strangely entrancing nation with amazingly excellent scenes, mountains, lakes, and remarkable biodiversity.

For any individual who seeks experiences, New Zealand offers incredible wilderness boating, skiing, mountain biking, and so on. New Zealand offers the best of both the modern city and traditional life. You can get to all the advanced comforts and offices of city life while getting a charge out of the magnificence of the open country.

8. Study and Work Opportunities

Every student in New Zealand works part-time and like every other country, you can work up to 20 hours per week during your course. Above that, you can work full time during your holidays such as Term Break, Summer Holidays, Christmas break, Easter.

Not just this, the minimum wage in New Zealand is NZD $18.9 per hour. The salary varies from industry and to find out further details Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment have created a website for factual data:

9. Diversified Course Options

As the country holds an excellent record in accreditations, there is a wide range of courses to choose. You can choose pathway courses, undergraduate courses, graduate courses, postgraduate and research-based Master or Doctorate.

Recently, the country announced a vocational course learning update for international students. Also, you have options from all fields of education like a business, Information technology, psychology, arts, medicine and more.

10. Post Study Opportunities

Once you complete your degree, students receive a post study work visa from 1 to 3 years depending on the level of program the student chooses.

There are internships and full-time opportunities available for students who would like to gain experience in New Zealand. The government has launched a career website to give insight into the job market in New Zealand for aspiring people.

Requirements To Apply for Student Visa in New Zealand for Indian Students

Once higher education is completed, most of the students want to know about how to get PR in New Zealand after the study? Well, it is not hard and the basic step is to apply for the student visa. When you plan to follow the rules provided by the New Zealand administration, i.e follow the line of your education you get ample options to make up to the points. Hence the basic requirement to apply for the student visa in New Zealand is:

  1. Funds of $15000 with proof of funds

  2. IELTS requirement for NZ is 6.0 overall


Follow the right direction and keep the following Students Herald to stay updated on the latest news on New Zealand education, universities, vocational courses, and economy.

If you have more reasons to Study in New Zealand, feel free to share it with us!

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