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Rohini International Education Services Introduction

(Based on an interview with Shyam Bhandari, the Chief Counselor of Rohini International)

With a mission of providing genuine information and guidance to Nepalese students aiming to study abroad, Rohini International Education Services started in the year 2008.

The main focus has been to promote New Zealand education in Nepal. There was a time when Immigration New Zealand (INZ) took Nepal as a risky market.

The success rate of Nepalese student visa applications was too low and it was a real challenge to convince INZ to trust Nepal.

Career Life of Rohini

Rohini started with the fundamentals of immigration. Their experienced, knowledgeable, and professional counselors have always helped students to make fully informed decisions.

These decisions are based on the interests of the students, career goals, academic standings, language proficiency, and financial capacity. No decision is ever made as per the convenience of the company but on the seekers’ interests and providers’ services only.

This out of the way approach of Rohini worked well and they were able to secure success with multiple visa applications. The pace of success for Rohini has always increased since its inception.

Shyam says, “Today, we feel proud to be a successful company in guiding thousands of Nepalese students each year who aspire to study abroad, especially in New Zealand.”

Having its head office in Kathmandu, there are several branch offices in all major cities of Nepal. There is a support office in London (UK) as well. Rohini offers English language classes, test preparation classes and also admission counseling.

At RIES, admission application assistance, visa application guidance, visa application lodgment, travel arrangement, and pre-departure orientation to the students while in Nepal.

The services do not end there. They also assist with airport pick-up and accommodation arrangements in students’ destinations overseas wherever required.

Shyam adds as an agency more focused on New Zealand education, the current issues of rejections and delays in visa approvals has affected Rohini just as it has all the NZ education stakeholders.


The team at Rohini is fully aware of the Code of Practice for Pastoral care of International Students. Rohini is an ENZ agency for Nepal and all counselors at the company underwent ENZ training.

She is an NZ Specialist Agent/ENZRA certified by Education New Zealand. They hope INZ puts more resources for faster processing of visas. It is in the best interests of all the stakeholders and to keep NZ as a competitive and successful student destination.

For more information, you can contact the team of Rohini International Education Services.

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