Studying from home amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic Virus disease

All around the world, universities are shutting down and securing students as well as support staff to stay home and break the chain of a community spread. Particularly universities in New Zealand are hoping students are all settling into the current situation, staying positive and carving out new routines. It’s been an unprecedented kind of situation of few days with, naturally, an amount of confusion and stress as well. University managements all over the country have been taking note of emails from graduate as well as postgraduate students about issues that are arising as a result of the measures to combat COVID-19, and have been in touch with multiple parts of the country’s delegates and Universities to get some clarity and assurances. They are constantly updating the students with newsletters and emails just to give the students a quick update on these issues. Universities endeavor to respond to individual emails where possible and are informing students to be assured that they are taking note of all correspondence and acting accordingly.

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The immediate concern is to on health and wellbeing, and we encourage all students to focus on this over the coming few days. Also, remember that teachers are also facing significant personal and professional upheaval at this time, so do try and have compassion and patience when raising these matters against.

Universities all around New Zealand have asked students to continue their studies as best they can at this time. A statement that, i hear is “no student should feel pressured under such circumstances to continue working if their situation is not currently conducive to it.” according to a Marketing Manager from a Leading Private Training Establishment.

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