Stephen Town starts as CEO of New Zealand’s Mega Polytech

10,000 Staff, 28,000 Students – Stephen Town starts as CEO of New Zealand’s Mega Polytech

Stephen Town, the Chief Executive of the Auckland Council, who has been elected for a five year term, is now starting as CEO of Mega Polytech.

Recently, the news came, A Powhiri held at Wintec Te Kopu Mania O Kirikiriroa marare welcomed Stephen Town for his new role as the inaugural Chief Executive of the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST)

Throughout April, 16 of the country’s technology and polytechs unified into one national body and now Town is accountable for 10,000 staff, 280,000 students, and $2 billion in assets.

He stated in his statement on Monday, “ I’m slowly starting to feel the weight of the team of five million slowly rolling out, but the excitement is still there.”

He continued, “it’s a great opportunity for Aotearoa and education and COVID has made it more interesting and challenging because we have bigger opportunities than we probably imagined.”

From his statement, it seems that Town is quite certain that the number of students enrolling in post-COVID studies will increase, he said, “It’s a great challenge for us to try and meet.”

On this NZIST Council Chair, Murray Strong added, “We have to ensure we are ready to receive them and be connected to industry and employers to ensure that we’ve got the right things to meet the requirements of the learners and ultimately as people are going into the workforce.”

This position of Town is a fixed term of three years which can be possibly extent for two-years more. Everyone congratulates Town, he has now officially started in the inaugural CE’s role. NZIST Council Chairman Murray said, “We are delighted to have attracted someone of Stephen’s calibre into this large, complex, and significant role.

We have a huge amount of work to do to bring together on-the-job, on-campus, and online vocational education and training through a unified, sustainable network of regionally accessible provision.”

Murray Strong also thanked Chris Collins, who played an important role in overseeing the NZIST until Stephen ‘s arrival at the time of the transition process, Murray continued, “The council is grateful to Chris for stepping into the interim role.”

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