Six Deputy Chief Executives Appointed for NZ’s Only unified Polytech [NZIST].

The New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) is an institution that started April of this year. It was announced in August 2019, as a key change within New Zealand for 2020.

“NZIST brings together the existing 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) into one organisation…” Says Tertiary Education Commission. “…and, over time, will develop the capability to support work-based, campus-based and online learning as a unified system.”

NZIST will have enough reach in order to become a long-term skills training partner for firms and industries. One key aspect that sets NZIST apart from other institutions is that it will provide students with the ability to learn on campus, at home, or even on-the-job.

This institution, which will transform the way Kiwis learn, has just appointed six deputy chief executives (DCE), to start the journey of creating a cohesive and sustainable, vocational education system. Here is the list of the six new DCE’s:

  1. Ana Morrison: Ana Morrison will be the DCE of Partnerships and Equity. Morrison has some impressive educational background. She has studied Bachelor of Science (Bsc), conjoint with Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at The University of Auckland, Law at Victoria University of Wellington, and attended the 2016 Te Hono Bootcamp at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. She’s currently the Executive Director at Strategic Partnerships & Māori Success at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, and an Advisory Board Member of Sprout Accelerator, a venture and private equity company.

  2. Tania Winslade: Tania Winslade is the DCE of Learner Journey and Experience. Winslade is currently the GM Māori Outcomes at Auckland Council. She also worked as a founder and director or Toa Education, a social enterprise delivering a bicultural programme to early childhood education services.

  3. Warwick Quinn: Warwick Quinn is the DCE of employer studies. Quinn is currently the Chief Executive of the BCITO, the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation. Quinn went to Henley Business School. Quinn also worked as a chief executive officer for Motor Trade Association, as well as Masters Builders Association.

  4. Dr Angela Beaton: Dr Angela Beaton is the DCE of Delivery and Academic. Angela is currently GM National Women’s Health, Auckland DHB. Beaton studied Health Policy Analysis at the University of Sydney, a Doctorate of Philosophy, and a masters degree of Business Administration, at The University of Waikato. She also worked as a board member for Waikato Hospice.

  5. Merran Davis: Merran Davis will be the DCE of Transformation and Transition. Davis is currently the interim Chief Executive of Unitec Institute of Technology, as well as Executive Dean for Unitec.

  6. Vaughan Payne: Vaughan Payne will be the DCE of Operations. Vaughan is currently the Chief Executive of the Waikato Regional Council. He also was a chief executive at Opotiki District Council. Payne has a Business Administration degree, as well as Management degree from the University of Waikato. He also attended and got a degree from the University of Otago.

“Our new leadership team brings with them a diverse, multi-faceted set of skills, knowledge and experience. The very thing we need to ensure that New Zealand’s largest provider of tertiary education will meet the unique needs of all our learners, employers, industry and communities.” Says Stephen, the leader of NZIST.

Desray Posthumus @studentsherald

Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash

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