ServiceIQ's Transition to Te Pūkenga's Work Based Learning Limited (WBL)

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Following Competenz, NZMAC ITO, Connexis, BCITO and MITO , ServiceIQ will be the sixth TITO to have its transition plan approved by the board to become Te Pūkenga's Work Based Learning Limited (WBL).

Industry training organisations (ITOs) come under the tertiary education sector and are maintained by industry members with support from the government.

Holding more than 70 training programmes and one micro-credential; Aviation, hospitality, retail, travel, tourism and museum sectors has their industry training programs under the banner of ServiceIQ. 800 employers and 10,200 learners are supported by ServiceIQ including 2,200 apprentices.

On 1 July 2022, ServiceIQ will become a separate business division by transferring its duties of arranging training functions, learners and employees into Te Pūkenga’s Work-Based Learning Ltd (WBL). Qualifications development, pre-and post-moderation, consent to assess, and programme endorsement functions will be moved to WDC by 4 October 2021.

Ringa Hora Workforce Development Council (WDC) represents service industries. The purpose of Workforce Development Councils is to ensure the vocational education system matches industry requirements and provides a more powerful voice to Māori business and iwi development. It will give New Zealand industries and employers greater leadership and influence across vocational education.

Sources : TEC & Ringahora

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