Recovering New Zealand Education – from Covid-19

New Zealand is at the moment one of the fastest recovering countries in the world.

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, says “we are ahead of schedule”.

Prime minister adds “our strategy of going hard and early has paid off”

New Zealand as on date has 11 straight days with no new COVID cases.

“Though we will need to maintain strict border controls to prevent any newer infections arriving from overseas.” – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

“The government is focussed on job creation” says Ardern at this stage of the recovery – creating opportunities for those without work to move into something quickly, however for many that would require retraining and getting new skills”.

The government is also announcing today “that the package set out in the budget will mean any form of apprenticeship will be free from July 1, 2020.”

  1. more on this can be found on “trades training and apprenticeship fund will support learners of all ages to undertake vocational education and training at no cost” says Minister Hipkins.

We look for a more favourable news from the Prime Minister for re-entry of International students to New Zealand.

Images attribution – CCL

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