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Updated: Apr 16

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Palak Arora and her Experience at IPU NZ.

We all are very much familiar with the fact that when one comes away from their country and enters a new university or institute, it’s an entirely new phase in every international students’ life. IPU NZ is a Category One Institution with a historical presence of 30 Years in existence. IPU NZ is a non-profit organisation.

Every student has to face many challenges and work hard to attain their goals in which many times they often lose hopes and get distressed. One such case of a student from IPU NZ Tertiary Institute, Palmerston North; her name is Palak Arora from Delhi, India who is an international student pursuing The Master of Contemporary International Studies (Research-Based) Level 9 course. The experiences she shared on LinkedIn brought light to many instances that display how the journey of an international student goes on.

Palak quoted during the interview that the teaching style of IPU NZ Tertiary Institute professors influences her a lot, which proves to be valuable in her learning. She clarified that professors are always ready to assist their students if they need additional assistance in their assignments and often recommend a book and other helpful resources they need during the exam or assignment time. When asked about how it makes a difference to her, she quotes that, “professors will not only adhere to the bookish knowledge, but they will guide their students how you can apply those at your workplace and how to start a business from scratch.” Not only that, but she also goes on to say that they are willing to give extra hours to their students. “If a student is not based in Palmerston North, they can arrange Google meetings to clarify their doubts or anything they need to talk about,” she says.

“IPU NZ MASTERS is research driven masters. palak is able to work full time during study. the course is modern and suitable for students from all backgrounds”

Apart from this, IPU NZ gives their students immense exposure besides the classes, so many events you can attend and activities you can participate. Not only this, when it comes to career support, Palak claims that their career support is tremendous. They conduct a workshop for their students where they guide them about the proper construction of their CV’s, job, and interviews. She explains, “I have already attended a few workshops, and the career team has helped me plan my career goals already. Further, I also got the opportunity to practice along with the team members as well.” Palak continues, “the best part about joining this institute is that everyone whether its students, teachers, admin staff or the chair of the board is so approachable and friendly towards their students.

It is gratifying to know that such institutes are successful in achieving their primary goal of raising their students with appropriate and precious knowledge which is fruitful to the future of our upcoming generation.

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