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International Education is not at a dead end, I could only see every marketing and recruitment teams are putting forward their pre-eminent options for a favourable way ahead. A single safe and secure way is not far-flung – with a few institutions opting for classes being made accessible online through the Internet. Also for a slight uncertainty that if any or the majority of International students who grabs this option.

New Zealand traded itself as a destination of where one could study, live, and work. One should take it with a pinch of salt being that they are not a package, but for one to qualify individually.

One of the major limitations for institutions will be the start back options as they try to respin the wheel. Most countries including New Zealand have tried to eradicate educational agencies to get directly in touch with prospective international students. Offshore based outsourced recruitment partner companies who take the accountability to act on behalf of New Zealand institutions normally take Brent and make the connections happen more profitably.

We spoke to ABIOS, a boutique international education BPO backing New Zealand education providers in the development and management of student enrollment channels. ABIOS represents the education provider as their regional/off-shore international office of partner institutions & serves the student populations in South Asia (Today with the medical and travel restrictions) – the need for these companies is more than always.

Aditya being a disciplined adherer and an admirer to what New Zealand stands for, started his company with New Zealand institutions. He has been working in the International Education Sector for around 18 years.

Today, his company provides the opportunity for New Zealand Institutions to arrive at the Indian Sub-Continent and hire marketers to recruit international students for courses in New Zealand. Aditya adds to this value and experience in establishing and specializes in establishing a local presence, increasing local activity, and developing the local benefits of international organizations along with education providers.

1. Post Covid-19, what is your say on International Student recruitment and how your company can help?

The significant disruption caused by Covid19 in international student recruitment this academic year is likely to carry-over to the next year, with uncertainty around borders opening and dynamic economic circumstances in the major source countries of international students. Covid19 has led to a rise in questions on concerns such as visa application processing timelines, border-closures, the possibility of mandatory quarantine, change in medical examination requirements, availability of job opportunities after graduation, and travel restrictions etcetera equally in the minds of parents & students.

Our 24*7*365 presence in-market helps Education Providers in assuring regular connect with agents, students & alleviate their concerns. Students & their parents are likely to rely on a local organization, speak their language as well as understand their fears & concerns. This is where we step in & work closely with agents to successfully recruit & retain students. Working in the same time-zone, we are in a position to communicate individually with each student/parent at their satisfaction and convenience. Our counselling sessions are oriented directly toward application conversions.

2. In what way do you think, outsourcing International offices will help the New Zealand Education?

Student recruitment in India is a complex, costly, and competitive entity. India is broadly considered to be a “High-growth, High-risk” market. Lower cost-per-acquisition; 24*7*365 presence in-market regarding 3 to 4 marketing visits of 7 to 10 days P.A.; Local awareness & expertise in the documentation verification/assessment process; In-depth understanding of the operative network as well as various agency-business models are some of the key benefits of outsourcing offshore international representative offices. Especially now that a 14 day requisite quarantine period may be the ‘new normal’ once the borders open.

3. Are you being optimistic about the initiatives taken by the agency to counsel students online?

Yes, we are confident and optimistic about online counselling. At present, online counselling sessions are at an evolving stage in India. Agency counsellors, students & their parents are still getting used to this practice. As time passes by, more & more students will be getting comfortable with the online counselling sessions, and agencies will also be streamlining their online processes. In our opinion, these online sessions are here to stay & are likely to become a core operational process for numerous agencies. Blended counselling sessions – a mixture of online sessions (in the initial stages) in combination with face-to-face interaction (at decision stage) are likely to gradually gain popularity.

4. What are your thoughts on institutions moving their courses off for offshore delivery?

Offshore Delivery/TNE Education is a proper idea in countries like China but in India, it is an extremely complicated process. To revamp the entire Indian education system, the draft New Education Policy (NEP) – 2019 was formulated. For improving the level of higher education one of the suggestions made by the NEP is allowing foreign universities to introduce campuses in India. Currently, this administration is a work-in-progress.

5. Is online delivery generally a viable alternative for Indian students wanting to study in New Zealand?

Very few students desire to study on Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom University. The majority of prospective international students from the Indian Subcontinent are not pursuing just a ‘foreign qualification’. The multi-cultural experience, international exposure, the chance to realize invaluable part-time international work experience are key aspects of the study-abroad decision process. Online delivery just doesn’t offer an equivalent experience & opportunities so, it’s unlikely to draw much interest within the Subcontinent.

Post Covid19 border closures, mandatory quarantine of 14 days or more is probably going to become the norm for foreign travellers, once the borders open up. So, every marketing/recruitment staff’s trip to India will mean 14 days of quarantine & 10-14 days of actual marketing/recruitment activities resulting in significant wastage of your time, money & manpower for brand spanking New Zealand Education Providers. ABIOS can collaborate with NZ Education Providers to support their recruitment activities within the region 24*7*365. This permanent presence in-market allows ABIOS to focus on traditional recruitment regions effectively while developing the emerging regions and identifying future growth regions. NZ Education Providers will enjoy a permanent presence in-market to support the recruitment activities of their agent network while also being agile in responding to direct inquiries.

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