New Zealand Values International Student Recruitment amidst Covid-19 crisis

New Zealand Values International Student Recruitment amidst Covid-19 crisis. Minister Hipkins is now considering the possibility of allowing international students back into New Zealand.

New Zealand Education is worth $5 Billion a year to the economy, this includes the education sector and secondary schools

The Minister compared International students to tourists who are coming here for just short stay, international students would usually be here for a year or more.

He has been working with education sector to make an exemption if the incoming international students followed a 14-day quarantine on arrival

“So it’s quite possible we’ll be able to work with international education providers to manage quarantine at the beginning of, say, a year’s worth of study so that they can come into New Zealand.”

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed that schools will reopen when the country moves to alert level 2, but distance learning will still be available for those unable to return, such as students in Covid-isolation.

Schools would open for Domestic and International students within New Zealand dependingly at the start of a week, meaning they would have a week to prepare if the Government decided to move to level 2 on Monday. Social Distancing rules of Level 2 applies here.

Minister Hipkins directed institutions to “start working up their plans” in the next 24 hours, for what they would do in a “quarantine like arrangement”, if the government reached that point.

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