MITO's Transition to Te Pūkenga's Work Based Learning Limited (WBL)

MITO has become the fifth in the transitioned ITO list following Competenz, NZMAC ITO, Connexis and BCITO after their transition plan was approved by the Board of the Tertiary Education Commission. [1]

Industry training organisations (ITOs) are an integral part of the tertiary education sector. New Zealand’s ITOs work almost exclusively with apprentices, trainees and others who are learning a trade or skill on the job. ITOs are maintained by industry members, recognised by Government and obtain funding from both Government and the industry.[2]

MITO(Motor Industry Training Organisation ) works with the automotive, commercial road transport, drilling, gas, industrial textile fabrication, mining and quarrying, passenger services and ports and stevedoring industries. It maintains 73 training programmes, including 13 micro-credentials. As per September 2021 data, MITO supports 2853 employers, 4397 apprentices and 1051 trainees. [1]

By 1 January 2022, MITO’s employees, systems, processes and procedures will become a separately branded business division to Te Pūkenga subsidiary Work-Based Learning Ltd (WBL). Whereas a small division of industrial textile fabrication will transition to a new PTE, MAST Academy. Stakeholders in the industrial textile fabrication industry supported the transition.[3]

MAST Academy is a new private training establishment, which has been formed by New Zealand Marine and Composites ITO. MITO and MAST Academy will work together to ensure a seamless transition for all learners and employers with the associated systems and processes.

MITO’s standard-setting, consent to assess, programme endorsement and qualification development functions were transferred to Hanga-Aro-Rau Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics Workforce Development Council On 4 October 2021, except for the gas industry which transferred to Waihanga Ara Rau Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council.


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