Learn How To Become A Top Michelin Star Chef

Michelin Star Chef Guide

Do you dream big? If yes, then you must read this article for an insight on the top Michelin Star chef guide. Having a dream of becoming a chef is not that difficult. It requires talent and a vision. But becoming a Michelin star chef is complete hard work and the right path.

Learn everything you can about top Michelin Star chefs and how to be one in this simple guide. To start, Andres Michelin published the first Michelin guide in 1900 and started a tradition that would exemplify modern appreciation of the finer things. Michelin is a large group of restaurants that were started way back in the 1900s.

How Many Restaurants Have A Top Michelin Star Chef?

The most important thing to know is that Michelin Stars are presented to restaurants and not chefs. The award, once presented to a restaurant, is presented to the head chef.

In the entire world, there are about 2500 restaurants awarded with 1 Michelin Star, 500 restaurants with 2 Michelin Stars & around 150 awarded with 3 Michelin Stars.

These are the value of the Michelin Stars:

  1. One Michelin Star: A very good restaurant in its category

  2. Two Michelin Star: Excellent cooking, worth a detour

  3. Three Michelin Star: “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

Hence, when you dream to enter into hospitality and culinary arts, dream for the best. Michelin Stars are some of the most highly precious accolades in the culinary arts.

How To Become A Michelin Chef?

According to the Michelin Guide book, there are no specific criteria, no specific judges and also no specific time when a Michelin company reviews the restaurants and chef’s work.

It is anonymous, you have to be at your best at all times. As an aspiring top Michelin Star chef:

  1. You have to put out your quality and creativity

  2. Create an overall suitable environment

  3. The entire staff of the restaurant needs to hold a high standard of etiquettes

  4. Pay attention to every detail of the restaurants

Professionally Study Culinary Arts To Become Michelin Chef

The core education will lay your foundation for what a chef will learn over the course of their careers. With the base of professional culinary knowledge, you can begin to experiment with different culinary techniques to create your own signature style.

Always remember that one way to get the attention of a Michelin critic inspector is to create unique dishes they can only find at your restaurant.

Essentially to reach these standards, it is important for you to invest in culinary arts education.

What Are The Advantages Of Becoming A Michelin Chef?

When we talk about an award as big as Michelin Star, the advantages of becoming a Michelin Star chef increases. People often travel around the world to taste the menus of the awarded chefs.

These are the following advantages are put on the table once you receive an award this big:

  1. An increase in customers for restaurants

  2. An incremental increase in the restaurant business

  3. Instant recognition


Dream big now and Get yourself enrolled for the next big thing and become a Top Michelin Star Chef in no time. So keep following Students Herald to stay updated on the latest courses, colleges and more.

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