Is the ITP sector merger promising or too much at stake?

New Zealand 2020 Merger of Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics

The New Zealand government is planning a mega-merger of the ITPs (Institutes of technology and Polytechnics) by early 2020. It has become a hot topic of discussions and debates all over the country. Some people are in favour of the government’s decision while others are against it. Both parties are bringing out new arguments frequently to support their claims. Here are some facts and predictions are given by both the parties:

In favour:

The government claims this merger to be a revolutionary move in raising the education system. It says that the current system provides valuable qualification but fails to deliver practical knowledge and expertise as per the business demands. A centralised structure will thus provide a suitable road map to meet the market requirements and produce skilled New Zealanders than just qualified people. It will also help to raise the standard of tertiary education as the courses will be designed and monitored by an apex institute. It will help to eradicate the current scenario of providing convenient qualification by certain institutes. Also, there will be more flexibility for employers to ensure training as per their business demands.


There have been many arguments against the implementation of a “one ITP” model. Ministry lists main risks as huge investments, uncertain returns, and resistance from the sector and stakeholders. It also warns that a single point of failure can create huge damage to the whole sector. There is a risk of losing jobs too. 

The debate is high on the topic. As far as the credibility of the merger is concerned, only time will show what happens next. However, the government is hopeful to have a centralised system for the upliftment of the current standards.

Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

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