IPU NZ reaches a milestone of 30 years

Upon reaching the milestone of 30 years, the Student Herald team interacted with the students and faculty members of IPU New Zealand, who shared their journey and vision on this occasion. The members also talked about various programs and how IPU New Zealand has focused on its students.

IPU NZ reaches a milestone of 30 years @studentsherald.

IPU New Zealand is a category-1 (not-for-profit) education service provider situated in the growing city of Palmerston North. IPU New Zealand has had a historical presence of 30 years. It is committed to delivering excellent study experience, high-quality education, and a multicultural environment, with individual focus given to students from various academic backgrounds.

It is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the significant role IPU NZ has played in students’ transformation. The Institute provides varied courses with an advanced learning experience in international business, marketing, management, accounting, Japanese studies, etc., by globally recognized and NZQA-accredited diplomas, degrees, and post-graduate programs.

On this grand occasion, here is what IPU students have to say, “The experience gained from IPU is a fruitful one for the future of the students. Not to forget, the study atmosphere here is very engaging along with multicultural students who are supportive and friendly.” Students seemed quite optimistic about the Institute, “Either it’s about job hunting or studies, we get full support from the institute.” they added.

The Student Herald team was fortunate to meet some of the renowned faculty members.

IPU NZ reaches a milestone of 30 years @studentsherald.

Susan Cranston (Career advisor and Sr. librarian assistant of IPU)

Susan Cranston, the career advisor and Sr. librarian assistant of IPU, stated,

“I meet each student individually and assist them in planning their CV and cover letters. We also conduct workshops for students to develop their abilities and provide them with training on how to crack the interview.”

IPU NZ reaches a milestone of 30 years @studentsherald.

Stewart Holdaway (Head of School)

Stewart, the head of school, stated,

“It has now been 16 years working with IPU NZ. We aspire to be an Institute where students not only come to study and get placed but also find a home for their aspirations.”

Diana, an IPU NZ staff member, expressed her opinion saying, “I think all students deserve a supportive and empowering environment to accomplish their dreams. IPU NZ ensures that the Institute has all the resources, support, and leadership in delivering that.”

IPU NZ reaches a milestone of 30 years @studentsherald

Hiro (Assistant to the Board of Trustees)

“The teaching style of IPU NZ adds value to the learning of students,”said Hiro, who works as an assistant to the Board of Trustees.

No doubt, the Institute succeeds in offering well-planned and structured learning to their students.

This strategy helped various international students and allows them to engage in virtual classes, interact with their fellow learners, and patiently communicate with their lecturers about their doubts and issues.

IPU NZ has one of the most beautiful campuses where education, self-improvement, creativity, innovation, and the student experience is validated to be of pivotal importance. IPU NZ’s vision is visible in all the smiling faces of IPU NZ’s alumni and their success.

Jyonica @SH MCC

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