International Students supported & cared in New Zealand

Support for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in New Zealand during COVID-19

[ENZ] Education New Zealand is a Government agency responsible for International education.

ENZ values every international student and wants to ensure that you are safe during Covid-19.

“If you are a student and need some help, ENZ has developed a “HARDSHIP INFORMATION RESOURCE”. This includes information on where you can get food parcels and other essential items.” [ENZ]

The Government has established a $1M hardship fund for international students to address urgent, temporary needs, for example temporary inability to access cash or because of reduced part-time employment. [ENZ]

Education providers can apply for grants of up to $20,000 (GST exclusive) to enable you to provide eligible international students with direct financial relief or other support, including food parcels and support towards living costs. In special circumstances, also make repeat applications – if needed.

The $1M fund may be used to:

  1. scale up existing student hardship initiatives,

  2. support eligible students through direct cash grants of up to $1000 per international student, or to purchase resources on behalf of international students, such as food parcels, where this is appropriate.

  3. The maximum amount that can be applied for is up to $1,000 per international student – who is being supported.

more details around the eligibility for support and terms of applying for this fund is detailed by ENZ on their website.

We strongly recommend – if you are an international student in New Zealand, then you need to check out

These are extreme times and given the current situation when the country is getting back on its feet from the lock down – the initiative by Education New Zealand comes as the “Morning Sun”.

Education New Zealand has stepped up its presence, just to show that they continue to care about their International Students in New Zealand.


Kia Kaha New Zealand ! We are almost there. !


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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