International recognition for University of Otago Associate Professor

Otago University’s Associate Professor Vijay Mallan has recently been recognised by the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) to provide doctoral supervisors’ professional development.

Associate Professor Mallan’s work creating professional development courses for supervisors of doctoral programmes to strengthen supervisors’ skills has been incorporated into multiple universities across 14 countries, including Estonia, Japan, Nigeria, and Norway.

His work with the International Doctoral Education and Research Network, of which he is a founding member, also provides opportunities to discuss doctoral supervision pedagogy from international researchers.

With his significant knowledge and presence within the field, Associate Professor Mallan is considered an outstanding reputation as both a research supervisor and a leading international figure in doctoral education.

Professor Stan Taylor, an Honorary Professor at the School of Education, Durham University, and Chair of the UKCGE Research Supervisors’ Network, said “I was delighted when he decided to make an application for recognition by the UKCGE, as it was outstanding. His application was accepted with enthusiasm, and he became the first person outside the UK to become a UKCGE-recognised supervisor, and it is a major achievement.”

Associate Professor Mallan believes the acceptance of the UKCGE “enhances the credibility and visibility of the University of Otago” which he feels is due to its first-rate support for its postgraduate supervisors.

Associate Professor Mallan says it validates his work personally, knowing that he is keeping up with trends worldwide and is following a best international practice.


Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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