How to Apply to University In New Zealand

New Zealand is not only a beautiful country, but a popular destination for studying, as all eight universities rank in the top 3% according to QS rankings.

This peaceful country is always welcoming both domestic and international students, and many universities offer English courses for those who aren’t native speakers.

If you’re interested in studying in New Zealand, here are a few things you should know: 

Know the Deadlines

First and foremost, you should always know when the universities open for applications, as the academic year starts from February to November, with a break in June. 

Most of the universities start opening their applications in August for the following year. Mid-term applications start in June. 

It’s important to be well prepared before submitting your application. 

Most bachelor degrees in the country take three years to complete. 

Take an English Proficiency Test

If you’re from a country where English isn’t the native language, you’ll need to be able to prove that your English skills are good. 

The reason for this is that all courses will be taught in English, as English is the main language in the country. 

The IELTS test is the most recognised and popular English language proficiency test. However, you should first check with the specific university you’re applying to before you sign up for the IELTS test. 

Plan Your Finances

Going to university is often an expensive thing, therefore, you’ll need proof that you’ll be able to pay for institution fees and general living expenses, when applying for a student visa. 

To give you an idea, institution fees range from $22,000 – $32,000, although some degrees may be more or less than this. Medical degrees will be higher. 

Living expenses range from city to city, but you’ll need to prove that you can afford $15,000 for your first year of studying. 

If you’re unsure if you’ll be able to pay for all these expenses, there are other options. Many of the universities grant scholarships to international students, and there is a range of financial aid and student loan options. Another great part of holiday a student visa is that you’ll be able to work part-time and full-time in the school holidays. 

Most universities have an application fee of NZ$25 – NZ$50


To apply to a university, there are multiple documents that are required. It’s important to be prepared in advance with all these documents and some copies (in case you lose them). 

While the required documents may differ from university to university, here is a list of what you’d generally need:

  1. A personal statement of intent

  2. Academic transcripts

  3. Relevant test scores, dependent on the country you come from

  4. Proof of funds or financial aid

  5. Application fee

Apply Online 

New Zealand is a technology advanced country, therefore, you’ll be able to apply online. Be sure that you have all the relevant documents and information online and to have a sturdy Internet connection. You can apply via email or on their website.

If you prefer the traditional way, you’ll also be able to apply via regular mail. 

Apply for Your Student Visa

Once you get accepted into a university (congratulations), you’ll then need to apply for your student visa, which is required for any course longer than three months. 

Most of the documents you prepared for your application, you’ll need for your student visa as well. Once approved, you’ll be set for your new adventure abroad! 

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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