How is the spread of Coronavirus affecting existing international students

The Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has caused devastating ripple effects and significant disruptions to industries globally.

impact of Coronavirus in education

With the growing outbreak of COVID-19, universities around the world are cancelling in-person classes, clenching down on travel and sending students home. The most important priority to mention most universities around the world, without a second thought is to protect the health of the students and staff and thereby limiting community transmission.

How are existing international students’ studies affected worldwide?

As the global emergency has continued since February worldwide, more and more existing international students are stating that their studies abroad have been impacted negatively.

It’s clear that as the virus spreads across the world and cases emerge in more and more countries, greater numbers of existing students are choosing to hold off their offer to a later year, rather than continuing studies in the same country.

Whereas before, prospective students may have thought that they could study in a region which had been unaffected by this COVID 19 crisis, the situation has now evolved to a point where no region is isolated from the impacts of this crisis, meaning there are no alternative destinations also.

Should New Zealand Institutions consider online learning alternatives as a step to control the outbreak?

New Zealand Institutions should explore their online learning and alternative learning options as there are sufficient interest and potential market for moving courses online.

New Zealand Institutions also need to support their academic staff as well as students. They are at the frontline managing the fallout in such a situation. When communicating with students, Universities should place these messages in mind and prioritize the ones that offer the most reassurance to students who are the future of the world.

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