Growing Reforms of Vocational Learning (RoVE)

On 1 August 2019, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins announced the Government’s decisions on the growth Reform of Vocational Learning and Education.

” A strong vocational education system is vital for people who want to learn work-based skills that are going to get them into well-paid and interesting jobs.” – Hon Chris Hipkins – Minister of Education

What Are The Changes in (RoVE) Re-imagining vocational learning?

One of the seven key changes is to create a new kind of organization that will provide work-based, off-the-job, and online vocational learning and training right across the country.

Re-imagining vocational learning from IST Establishment Unit

The Reform of Vocational Learning and Education and its seven key changes is to create a:

  1. Strong

  2. Cohesive

  3. Unified

  4. A sustainable system of vocational education.

It is fit for the future of work and provides the skills those learners, employers, and communities need to grow.

The New Zealand Government will take its initial steps to a powerful system for those pursuing vocations learning’s. It will be this step towards the future of vocational education reforms in New Zealand that will change the outlook of future prospects of students.

All vocational education courses that are fit for the future of the economy’s growth, work opportunities and skilled labor delivery that learners, employers, and communities need to thrive.

Seven Key Highlighted Changes Of RoVE

The Reform of Vocational Education includes seven key changes that will create a unified vocational education system:

  1. Create Workforce Development Councils

  2. Establish Regional Skills Leadership Groups

  3. Establish Te Taumata Aronui

  4. Create a New Zealand Institute of Skills & Technology

  5. Shift the role of supporting workplace learning from ITOs to providers

  6. Establish Centers of Vocational Excellence

  7. Unify the vocational education funding system

Your views are open to public consultation, where you can share your opinions and suggestions.

Source: TEC / IST

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