Getting Ready for New Zealand? Update your NZ Ready for seamless support.

NZ Ready; A Unified free tool from the NZ Government to help migrants and students.

For those who are planning to enter New Zealand, NZ Ready online tool will be valuable. It will be ensuring to know how things work in NZ and have a hassle-free move. This tool will provide a comprehensive list of tasks one needs to do for moving to NZ based on their situation. This platform is equipped with options to find useful links to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Many of you must have already received an email notification from INZ to update access to the new website. You can visit the Website here .

The update process has a few questions to get the setup done, starting with "Are you a citizen or resident of New Zealand or Australia?". Upon the completion of this questionnaire, you will be redirected to a thorough list of tasks and checklists in numerous areas as given in below.

You can keep track of the tasks you have completed and add notes and calendar reminders to help you remember everything you need to do.


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