Future of private sector tertiary education in New Zealand

Private Sector Tertiary Education in New Zealand

With private-sector tertiary education in New Zealand is referred to the higher education after secondary school. Both higher education and vocational training are included in it. Universities, institutes of technology, polytechnics, private training establishments, and wānanga are the tertiary education providers in the country.

New Zealand provides a variety of tertiary education options with every city having at least one or more tertiary education centers. With several public-sector tertiary education centers, there are private colleges also, known as Training Establishments (PTEs), that provide tertiary education.

Most of the Private Training Establishments offer some specific professional-level certification and diplomas. The colleges are supposed to be registered with the New Zealand Qualification Authority to provide education. It ensures the quality of education as well as the protection of student fees. To achieve the target of raising the overall quality of education nationwide, private training establishments have played a vital role. The majority of the students apply for the private training establishments because of their quality of services and low tuition fees.


Today, there are more than fifty private training establishments in the country. By meeting the international standards of education services, these PTEs have helped to maintain and raise the value of education in New Zealand.

One of the specialties of New Zealand’s education system is that it offers a high student to teacher ratio. With an increasing number of foreign students in the country, PTEs have maintained that ratio.

The future role of private institutions is becoming more crucial with the increasing number of students applying for private colleges every year.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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