COVID-19 Pandemic Continues To Ramp Up Overseas

No one knew that this year would be so terrible, especially for the international students who had dreamed of coming here.

This COVID or coronavirus has put almost the entire nation in lockdown, and international travel has come to a standstill.

Being on a student visa I can completely understand how it feels when the visa gets delayed or declined. Last few months, several international students had applied for a student visa, but due to the pandemic situation, the government of New Zealand decided to close the borders.

That phase for international students was felt like a cloud burst on them because many students had taken loans to apply for a visa and every international student and their parent’s mind shattered after seeing the visa decline mail.

At the same time, the NZ government was also forced to take this major step to protect the country from importing any new coronavirus cases.

And that’s why today New Zealand is known to be the first country to recover from COVID 19.

Well, not only for this but also in a position to rebuild their economy. However, still many students were in the queue to know when the boarders will reopen.

And it’s quite genuine for them to worry, this is because visas have been declined for a few of them. Many of them also re-applied but it’s still on hold.

However, now since the situation is perfect here, the government has decided to welcome international students again by the end of this year.

The chief executive Grant McPherson stated: “We’re looking forward to welcoming international students into New Zealand again, but we need to make sure we do so in a way that is safe for everyone.”

He continued, “There are many details to be worked through, including practical quarantine and self-isolation arrangements, monitoring processes, and how the costs can be shared by those arriving.”

As a result, Education Minister Chris Hipkins suggested that international students should not be allowed to return to New Zealand in July and August, rather considering the safety of both the students and the nation, they plan to welcome a small group of students by the end of this year and start building up by 2021.

Therefore, the Government is trying its best to keep New Zealand safe from COVID 19 so that the upcoming international students do not face any issues.

So, let’s all join hands, be a little more patient, and hope some good news will come soon.

Jyonica Suri @studentsherald

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