Conducting Senior Exams in Alert Level 3

Priorities the schools must follow.

Conducting Senior Exams in Alert Level 3

On 13th October 2021, The Secretary for Education Iona Holsted has released a comprehensive communication with the schools to provide directions under the Education and Training Act 2020 while conducting senior examinations in any COVID-19 Alert Level 3 area.

To counter the large menace of virus spread, the Education department is still advocating the idea of not organizing an offline examination except if it is a necessity. The schools don't have to go on for an on-site examination unless the principal or the leader of the institution insists so.

If the school is proceeding with the on-site exam, then the management is liable to ensure the below directions are followed. [1]

  • The overall number of students present on the premises should be kept as low as possible.

  • Physical distancing should be maintained at entry and exit points at the school and in classrooms.

  • A physical distancing of 1m indoors and 2m while outdoors must be followed at all times between individuals.

  • Groups should be confined to organised bubbles with a maximum of 10 students and additional teaching staff. The student make-up of each bubble does not change throughout the examination period.

  • Desks should be arranged with a distance of 1.5 metres in all directions to facilitate the necessary distance between all candidates and supervisors.

  • In case of space or resource constraints, Bubbles can share the same space with the other bubbles but must maintain a physical distance of a minimum of 2 meters. This is applicable for inside or outside in the school grounds, or even on their way to home from the school.

  • Each teacher should not be associated with more than one bubble of students, but a bubble of students can have more than one teacher assigned.

  • Rigorous hand washing should be encouraged. Hand sanitiser should be available at the entrance of the classrooms.

  • Indoor spaces should be well ventilated

  • Students and teachers shall leave the premises if they are unwell.

  • The school authority should be ready with a plan in place to meet any changed COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level Requirements) that have been signalled to be in place when exams are held.

If the schools can accommodate these arrangements, their respective governing bodies can submit the application to the department with attestation for approval.

The school authority must take responsibility to ensure all the general COVID-19 Public Health Response Orders have been adhered to.

[1] MOE | FreePik

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