Comeback of NZ Education after covid-19

#NeerajLuthra and #RameshSharma share a recovery strategy on the comeback of NZ Education after covid-19

though it is a perceptive opinion, Lets Qualify what you say,

We are a professional consulting firm with a primary motive to promote New Zealand Education in India. We assist students who are interested in studying in New Zealand with their choice of study and guiding them through their admissions. We have six distinctive offices in five megacities of India. We has been operating for the last nineteen years. We have won several awards for the quality of service we deliver in providing student visas, IES is in collaboration with world-leading colleges and universities.

Now, Concerning the comeback to be made for New Zealand in the International Education sector ?

Neeraj quotes “The education sector to the government is worth 5 billion in 2017-18. The primary focus as called out by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority is “Quality” over the past years.”

In terms of a comeback they have to consider, 2 weeks free accommodation- especially to make sure students are in a safe place for the first 2 weeks and support the students during isolation. It is also recommended that all institutions must defer their July intake dates from July to August or September as well as introduce a few scholarships or fee discounts to attract international students. Another one of the most important areas is also that Immigration New Zealand needs to loosen up their visa conditions, especially on financial requirements to be reconsidered, interview process that needs to be reassessed, and hence what they need is to loosen up to sustain this difficult time.

So, What do you think Universities and private institutions need to focus on ?

Assurance – An assurance that International students are going to be given the utmost care and there are safety measures taken by the Government of New Zealand. All New Zealand institutes should offer strong pastoral care and support during the two weeks of accommodation to ensure that the students are taken care of on their arrival. This will assure them that their kids are being looked after well.

So, What about Online study measures ?

On the current model of online education being followed temporarily, it is also being said that it online education is not feasible for the long term on the question that arises that why would international students spend such large amounts of money when they can get online education in their own home country as well for a much lower cost. Rather than mere academic study, International education is more about the exposure students get from a multicultural environment, teamwork in-class projects, and managing studies while working part-time, which are significant factors that substantially improve the different abilities of students for all their goals.

Do you forsee any immediate concerns or impact on International students thinking of studying in New Zealand ? Do you think the education industry should look at short-term or long-term plans.?

The directors of Indopacific Education Services strongly believe that NZ has done quite a good job during such an emergency that has impacted millions around the globe. The education industry needs to be robust in their plans for the coming 2 years and the work done needs to be started from the ground level. The only way to decrease tensions that arose in such an emergency is by understanding market demands and promoting international applications for high-value student customers. Having a planned system to co-ordinate between the different agencies, the quality of educational services for international students can be highly improved.

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