Co-founder’s desk- Vivek Singh Nayal

About a third of our world seems to be under the lockdown and both my countries, one contributing and the other my native, is piled in a lockdown situation. New Zealand Institutions with their adherence to the Code of Practice have stepped up their game and are including, to the high standards of some universities, have taken their classes online.

I would like to think that this does not become the new regularity. Though I believe sacrifices are needed from both the ends. The international student recruitment agents have taken the most hit.

However, I also think it is time to upgrade to advance technology and platforms to entertain new engagement techniques with student inquiries.

The strict ratio as maintained by the government shows New Zealand is still under the control over the Coronavirus situation. New Zealand stands straight in case of impacted cases as of week 1 of the lockdown period.

We sincerely urge Agencies to make calculative efforts as the world recovers. Institutions should make strategic term plans by having accommodative intake for the students who have missed this valuable time.

I strongly recommend students who are thinking of international studies to may consider postponing the plan at an international destination but not to cancel them.

Students Herald team and its associates are all working from home. To do the majority part of it, we are an Online Company and we are building it well.

To our stakeholders, our supporting agencies, our partnered institutions and to our students – we pray for you to stay safe, maintain distance and stay well. Kiakaha – we are going to get through this.

Vivek Singh Nayal

Co-Founder Students Herald

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