Chef Michael Corbett’s In The Hospitality Capital

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Talking about Nepal, one would only think about it as the hospitality capital of the world. A wide variety of food and it’s a chef’s heaven to experience and experiment. Chef Michael Corbett talked with the Students Herald about his real-life changing experience.

Chef Michael is the program leader at Professional Business & Restaurant School [PBRS]. The Professional Business and Restaurant School is an award-winning school in Auckland. In New Zealand, it claims the title “New Zealand Training Establishment of the Year” in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Chef Michael Corbett’s Background

Chef Michael wanted his award-winning school to expand much this year. His 10 days expedition has proved to be fruitful for his professional culinary school and to the native aspirants of Nepal.

Chef Michael hails from the UK. In 1988, completing his training there to further pursue his career as a baker in Pennsylvania, United States. He also worked as a baker’s apprentice for 6 months.

Chef Michael Corbett Share His Experience

He stated that it was a wonderful experience for an 18-year-old to travel around countries with different opportunities. Recently his travel experience for his work to Nepal has brought him memories.

Chef Michael with his colleagues from PBRS New Zealand recently made their way to Nepal and we asked about his experience, Chef had a long pause only to say – “was truly a great insight on how chefs are trained in different ethnicity”. He also praised the hospitality of the natives and explained that they went out of their way to make sure his requests were catered. ”The food was an eye-opener to me,” says Chef when it comes to a true native Nepal meal.

We asked Chef about his motivation to recruit Nepali students for PBRS, he said that he was mesmerized with the hospitality and ecstatic with the beauty of the country. He believed in the growing economy of Nepal, the country’s infrastructure and the enthusiasm of the students to learn about hospitality and culinary arts.

Also, he believes there is an opportunity for students to learn a lot about Eastern and Western cuisines. Also by bringing traditional cuisines and Nepali food to the other side of the world.

Chef Michael Corbett quoted, “there is no age to learn more” and he never quit. Adding further, the Indian Sub-Continent is the prime focus for most Hotel management and Culinary institutions in New Zealand. It is because they are more focused to stay, study, and work.

Even though many of the students go back to their home country but they invest in a similar industry to make it the right investment.

Experience In The Land Of Hospitality Capital Of The World

When it comes to zeal and inquisitiveness, Chef Michael expressed his interest in Nepali students when it comes to multi-cuisines. He also said that there were many other factors which he concluded at the end of his trip:

● Firstly, Nepal students are prepared to adapt to new surroundings and take in the viewpoint of other cultures. ● Secondly, they always greet you with humbleness. Even if you are in any part of the world, a greeting from Nepal students will always make your day. ● Thirdly, the students are inquisitive and adventurous. They want to take risks and try new things.

He only mentioned the students from Nepal are multi-talented in all genres of hospitality and culinary.

Conclusion of His Trip to Nepal

He summarized the trip as fruitful and he accomplished to meet the key stakeholders. He insisted on imparting his life experiences with the natives and visionaries about investments, business growth plans, and management. It will ultimately help the student to create future opportunities.

Lastly, Chef Michael Corbett will come back to meet the friends he made. He will definitely continue to build prospective business relationships for students for hotel management and culinary schools.

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