5000 more International students will become eligible for the New Zealand border exception.

In the first week of February 2022, the New Zealand government has announced the long-awaited plan to open the border for everyone. This will be a five-phase process, which will start from February 27th and stretch till October 2022. As a part of this, 5000 International students will become eligible to enter Aotearoa New Zealand earlier than expected.

The selected Fourth cohort of 5,000 international students can travel to NZ When the timeline reaches phase 3 from April 2022.

Based on the proportion of international students who were attending each type of education provider in the 2019 pre-COVID stage, Student numbers will be allocated across the sector. Which includes 1,450 University students, 700 Te Pūkenga students, 1,000 School (year 9 and above) students, 850 PTE students and English 1,000 Language School students.


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