3 Ways to Deal with Homesickness

Homesickness is a natural thing that many students face when they first arrive in New Zealand, but the challenge is how you deal with it. It depends on us what we do in such a situation, remember this you are not alone in New Zealand there are others too who felt the same situation.

Once you arrive in another country people find it hard to put themselves into a new culture. As in New Zealand, numerous things are different from our home nation, such as getting acquainted with new laws, culture and particularly the weather when everyone back home on the northern side of the world plays in the bright sunshine and you’re stuck inside writing your assignments on a rainy day. Getting a good support network is therefore very necessary in order to get through the rough patches.

I’ll share some tips with you that can help you with your homesickness.

Explore your surroundings

If you are in a different hemisphere you have to make yourself and your mind more active towards everything. To see upcoming festivals or other events, follow Facebook pages and university sites. Go over there, chat with the people. Remember, kiwis are very friendly they ‘re happy to talk if you chat with them. Or else, try to open up, with your roommates, for example, cook your home country dishes and share different foods with others, so you can start the conversation. After all, you will be spending weeks, months, or years with them.

Join Community Groups

This is the best thing to do when you are experiencing homesickness. You will be able to see several community groups in universities; make sure you are a part of such groups because they will allow you to make new friends and your mind will be occupied as well.

Explore local shops, Cafes, and Beaches

You’ll find a variety of cafes, beaches and local shops in New Zealand. Go for walks, do some sightseeing, sit on the beach, have lunch, you’ll find loads of people there too, you might meet someone from your hometown. I just love going to the beach with my laptop or notebook whenever I felt homesick, I sat there listening to soft music and doing my writing stuff.

I assume, that expressing the love from where you come can be a strong cure for homesickness. Once you start making friends, networking with them is a brilliant way to meet more people.

Jyonica @studentsherald

Photo by Cherry Lin on Unsplash

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