1,000 International students will be exempted to enter New Zealand.

The New Zealand government has announced a border class exception for 1,000 international students; which is the first student specific border exemption announced after April 2021.

⚫ Who are all included in the 1,000 international students exemption?

✅ 400 pilot trainees,300 students at degree level and above, and

300 students at the sub-degree level will be included in 1000.

⚫Who will be selecting the students?

✅ students who are eligible for border exceptions will be nominated to the Ministry of Education by the Education providers by December 2021. The Ministry of Education will be responsible for confirming the students are eligible for the border exception by January 2022.

⚫As a student, what should I do be included in the exemption?

✅ If you are already registered with your education provider, you don’t need to do anything; your provider will come to you and guide you through the nomination process.

✅ If you aren't a registered student already, you should get in touch with the education provider first to communicate your interest to study in New Zealand in the year 2022. Your education provider will contact you to discuss your eligibility.

⚫Can I apply for a visa now itself to ease the rush at the last moment?

✅Do not apply for a visa until you receive a nomination confirmation from your education provider.

⚫Can I arrive early to get easier access to MIQ?

✅You will not be able to apply for MIQ between December 2021 and January 2022 as this period is reserved for New Zealand citizens and residents only.

⚫What are all the covid-19 prevention requirements I have to follow if my name is recommended and confirmed?

✅ The COVID-19 Technical Advisory Group has recommended that a full course of any of the 22 COVID-19 vaccines be approved by a government or approval authority, with the last dose being at least 14 days before arrival.

✅Everybody arriving will still be required to complete 14 days in Managed Isolation and Quarantine, and all travellers except those from exempt locations will still need to have evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result from an accredited laboratory within 72 hours of their first scheduled international flight.

⚫What should I know about the MIQ?

✅ You should complete 14 days of isolation in MIQ once arrived in New Zealand.

✅ You would need to show evidence that you can pay for managed isolation and quarantine. The providers may choose to assist students with some or all costs.

✅ An approved visa application does not guarantee a MIQ spot promptly. Specific quotas are not reserved for these 1000 students yet. Also,

✅MIQ spaces may not align with programme start dates, so you might have to plan accordingly.

✅ You should be able to successfully book a MIQ space timed to your course start date.

⚫Other than Covid 19 Preventative requirements, what else are there in the eligibility checklist?

If you are nominated by your education provider and accepted by the ministry of education; you need to fulfil these eligibility requirements along with the Vaccine and MIQ criteria.

✅ You have to produce evidence to show that you have at least NZD $20,000 annually for living costs or NZD $1,667 for each month of study if your programme of study is less than thirty-six weeks.

✅ You should be aware that there may be changes to In Study Work Rights and Post Study Work Rights that may be implemented at the time of your application for a visa.

✅ You should Prove you have English competency as per the NZQA requirements.

✅ You should have the support of your family to travel and study in New Zealand.

✅You should agree to your information being shared by government agencies to help you arrive in NZ.

✅You should be ‘travel ready’ to arrive in New Zealand from about March to July 2022, including access to flight routes that easily link to New Zealand.

⚫What to do if you don’t hear from your education provider who recommended my nomination?

✅You must contact your education provider for assistance

Important dates

October 2021 -Allocation of places and criteria for nominations from providers confirmed.

November 2021-Providers communicate with potential students

December 2021-Nominations open with the Ministry of Education

January 2022-Successful nominated students to begin the visa process

March 2022-Likely first student arrivals to New Zealand

Source: MOE / Beehive | Freepik

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