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If you know, there are 15000+ successful students placed worldwide. Indopacific Education Services is a growing education consultant firm in India. The global demands of education are rapidly growing. We are in full support of aggressive technology. Hence, we are dedicated to providing professional consulting to our clients. To add further to permanent immigration and business needs, IES consultants play a larger role. 

With six different offices in 5 megacities of India, IES has been operating for the last nineteen years. IES has won several awards for delivering quality services. Also, the specialization in providing student visas, IES is in collaboration with world-leading colleges and universities. They deal in major international study destinations like New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

With our approach to keeping our clients’ needs ahead, we deliver the best and on time. Also, we concentrate on the most economical way and focus on building a healthy relationship with our clients.

Vision & Mission of Indopacific Education Consultant

The directors of IES are Neeraj Luthra and Ramesh Sharma. Mr. Luthra worked and studied in Australia and the UK. Mr. Sharma is an alumnus of Delhi University and is working in the international market for 15 years.

The vision of both these leaders has led to the immense growth of IES. Under their leadership, IES has won several awards by various international organizations including Education NZ.

According to Mr. Neeraj and Mr. Ramesh, education in New Zealand may have great scope and opportunities. However, current providers have to come up with better international education opportunities.

Our directors state that New Zealand is a follower of international education and it needs to change its role. Recently, getting a study visa has become harder than ever.

Two out of every three interviews are declined by the officials. One of the major reasons for restrictions offered by New Zealand universities is over loan repaying capacity of the applicants.

INZ denied most of the applications for having uncertainty on gauging applicant’s responsibilities to repay the loans. INZ is overruling the RBI’s instructions for sanctioning loans to applicants.


Both of the directors of Indopacific Education Services think that the only way to decrease the tensions is by understanding the market demands and promoting international applications for high-value student customers.

With a planned system and coordination between different agencies, the quality of educational services for international students can be improved.

– SH Media Communication Team

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