Education Minister Declares New Permanent Name Te Pūkenga.

Education Minister Declares New Permanent Name Te Pūkenga.

On Tuesday, Hon Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education at Wintec Atrium, declared that from now on New Zealand mega-polytechnic has been given the name Te Pūkenga; that means the institute’s full legal name is Te Pūkenga -New Zealand Institute Skills and Technology

On this, Hipkins explained, “We’ve got a new path, we’ve got a new organization that’s going to lead those paths, but we need a name that reflects the mana that’s being infused with,” ‘Watch the event unfold

Te Pūkenga is an exclusive and influential name for an institute where learning is versatile and adaptive to learners’ particular needs while demonstrating that it is purposeful, and the skills delivered to meet the standards of employers in a changing work environment.

“It’s a unifying word, yet like the institute, it’s one that reflects several strands and concepts,” Hipkins adds.

“It highlights the organization partnership to the treaty and represents the vital role that the organization will play for Maori.” He also said at the ceremony, “The visual identity shows the strength that can be accomplished by binding together providers, educators, learners, employers and iwi and the community.”

On this, Stephen Town, Chief Executive, said, “The name Te Pūkenga defines the gaining and mastery of valuable skills via sharing the knowledge from person to person.” He continues,

“The learners receive knowledge and in time, becomes an expert in those skills. This personifies the spirit of Te Pūkeng. for New Zealand.”

NZIT Chairman Murray Strong added, “We are working very hard to make sure that Maori staff and students have meaningful input into Te Pūkeng. Decision-making and that is now ongoing with the establishment of three national advisory committees and a member from each of these groups will join Te Pūkenga National Council in due course.

He goes on to explain that senior executives have been working with senior Maori advisers. The critical plan is to build a diverse institution where no individuals are disadvantaged.

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