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Student Herald's premium section to talk about Institutions in Newe Zealand. this category serves as a students guide @studentsherald #studentsherald

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Outsourcing International Student Recruitment

https://www.facebook.com/studentsherald/videos/260178891769990/?t=2 International Education is not at a dead end, I could only see every marketing and recruitment teams...
student experience during covid-19

How is the spread of Coronavirus affecting existing international students

The Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has caused devastating ripple effects and significant disruptions to industries globally. ...
Studying amidst Coronavirus pandemic @studentsherald

Studying from home amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic Virus disease

All around the world, universities are shutting down and securing students as well as support staff to stay home and break the...
New Zealand values international education amidst Covid-19video

New Zealand Values International Student Recruitment amidst Covid-19 crisis

New Zealand Values International Student Recruitment amidst Covid-19 crisis. Minister Hipkins is now considering the possibility of allowing...
Advice for students, parents and family

Advice for students, parents and whānau

Advice for students, parents and whānau A package of options to support students’ learning at home when Term 2...
Top Michelin Star Chef | studentsherald.com

Learn How To Become A Top Michelin Star Chef

Michelin Star Chef Guide Do you dream big? If yes, then you must read this article for an...
New Zealand Reforms of Vocational Learning image

Growing Reforms of Vocational Learning (RoVE)

On 1 August 2019, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins announced the Government’s decisions on the growth Reform of Vocational Learning and Education. 
Premium Eduation consultant

Premium Education Consultants- Kraft Education

With a VISA success rate of 97%, Kraft education brings premium quality consultant services to you With more than 20...
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